People say they want a financially successful life, but what they really mean is that they want the pleasure and ease of having it without the pain of creating it. It’s the most common goal ever.
You May Have A Poor Person’s Mindset And Not Know It
Jane Hwangbo

I take offense to this. I don’t “want a financially successful life”. I don’t want “the pleasure and easy of having it without the pain of creating it.”

I want a return on the decade of education that I’ve been told will result in a fruitful life if I just put in the effort and keep up the good work. I want the chance to continue my education through work that uses my years of education.

That isn’t what I’m receiving. What I’m receiving is continuously being told that I’m the one who is doing something wrong, that I need to pull myself up by the bootstraps, and that I need to be a survivor.