A wise king once wrote down his thoughts:

“Don’t ever think that you’re wise enough, but respect the Lord and shun evil.” - King Solomon

Endowed with divine wisdom he taught, To become successful, you must never be satisfied with yourself.

There always is someone better than you, looking to take your spot. The fact that you’re a king today doesn’t guarantee your being one tomorrow.

This wise King understood that all knowledge comes from God therefore he must fear Him.

The most dangerous thing in this rapidly changing world is to think you know it all, puff your shoulders and cross your legs on how wise one has become. Knowledge is being gained so quickly that in a few years a King is dethroned and completely forgotten.

wisdom is the key to success

In the bid to gain wisdom, health and vitality are given unto the seeker, because Wisdom cries in the streets, in the marketplace, in the conferences and in education. Wisdom seeks empty vessels to pour her spirit into. Only if she is being sought after like one looks for treasure.

Always strive to improve yourself, and in doing that don’t be overtaken by pride, fear the Lord and shun away from evil.

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