New Year Predictions 2016

Happy New Year to everybody. Hope this new year gives everybody enough courage to dream bigger and push their limits.

I am starting this new year with my first blog post on medium. I will continue posting math-related posts on my wordpress blog.

The year 2015 was one of the most exciting years in my life. I moved from Princeton to Silicon Valley in September after teaching for four years at Princeton University. My last four months in the Silicon Valley were very exciting. I spent most of my time attending Silicon Valley parties, meeting fellow entrepreneurs, developers, researchers, investors and lawyers. Interviewed more than 100 applicants for the three positions at Polytopix. Met some of my undergrad friends after a very long time.

It is very refreshing to experience the ever awesome bay area weather. I spend most of my days in a t-shirt and shorts. My most common dress style is shown in a pic below. I go bicycling at least two days a week at Shoreline park and Los Alamitos Creek trail (see a scenic pic below) and work out at home the other five days (I have setup a mini gym in my apartment). I go on dates once every two weeks, meeting women from all parts of the world. I take my dates to biking and hiking. Dinners are boring.

In summary, I feel very settled in Bay Area. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to suit my lifestyle.

In 2015: I watched three awesome movies — Ex Machina, Pawn Sacrifice and The Big Short. I pick my movies very carefully, because I have a very low tolerance for BS. These three movies are very straight forward and honest movies. I read several awesome books (topic for another blog post). Made some minor progress towards resolving graceful tree conjecture (more on this later). Drove from Princeton to Silicon Valley (3000 miles and 6 days of scenic drive). Started a new phase of life in Silicon Valley.

New Year Resolutions: I don’t drink alcohol, soda, coffee and I don’t eat meat. So, most of the common resolutions do not apply to me. My favorite drink is water. So, I guess my new year resolution is ‘drink more water’. Yes. Seriously. Also, maintain a consistent sleep cycle. This will be a difficult one, especially in an entrepreneur’s life.

My 2016 Predictions: Here are my predictions in no particular order.

  1. DuckDuckGo (my favorite and default search engine (on desktop and mobile)) will continue to grow and reach 50 million daily visits.
  2. Theranos will admit that its technology has huge gaps and limitations. The ‘fake it until you make it’ approach has its own perils.
  3. LinkedIn will become the default social network. Facebook has become a spam bot. Specialized social networks will see more adoption. Eg: Dating apps, Interest-based social networks etc.
  4. VR and AR will fail to live up to expectations.
  5. Lots of cute robots and drones will find their place in ToysRUs and replace the traditional dumb toys.
  6. Private equity bubble will burst (both in USA and India). Most of the ‘marketplace startups’ (i.e., uber for this / press a button for that) will disappear, due to lack of adoption.
  7. Tablets with keyboards and stylus (Eg: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, SurfaceBook and iPad Pro) will see more adoption. MacBook Air will continue to grow its adoption in the personal laptop space.
  8. More cybersecurity startups will get funded, in a hope to find more solutions to the ever-increasing security threats. More countries will officially start CyberForce groups to fight cyber terrorism.
  9. FinTech and Healthcare will dominate the startup space.
  10. The discussion around ‘college debt’ will be limited to political debates, TED talks and new year predictions (..ahem..). No practical solutions will be implemented.
  11. Regulators will try to regulate Hoverboards and drones. More signs saying ‘No hover boarding / drones’.
  12. Entrepreneurs will continue to search for the the killer app in IOT.
  13. Most of the AI / ML / Deep Learning platforms / APIs will disappear due to poor implementation (and analysis) and lack of serious developers/users.
  14. Facebook Basics will be rejected by everyone. Governments and social entrepreneurs will look for better alternatives that are faithful to net neutrality and privacy.
  15. Graduate students working in theoretical computer science will frantically read Babai’s recent paper on graph isomorphism in a hope to improve the bounds. Some of the them will make minor improvements in the constants and poly-log factors and publish them. They will realize that the quasi-polynomial time is a major bottleneck and get back to their routine research.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about my entrepreneurial experiences, Polytopix, TrueShelf and life in general.