Wow! Andela is an amazing place to be. From the Andelans, the bootcampers, the atmosphere, the swag to the food. The most amazing thing is the unity in numbers. Helping your fellow neighbour. Being your brother’s keeper. Someone somewhere will always ask if you are having any problem. That spirit is contagious. You end up doing the same for someone else and my-oh-my, does it feel good! Good-humbling not good-proud. Computer programming is indeed collaborative.

That is what I have learned so far, it has only been a two days but whose counting? Not only is Andela equipping us with tech skills but also life skills. I mean, who would want to work with a condescending jerk?

In Andela, people are so different yet so together. That sounds corny. Corny but true. Andelans embrace the differences and strive to be the best they can be. What a place to be!