Things Dudes Have Said to Me After Sex
Catherine Cohen

Things dudes will say in response to a woman who is sexually active

How pathetic and sad to see so many guys respond with comments like “stop having so much sex with strange dudes”, “stop sleeping around”, “is that one guy per statement”, “start having more self-respect” etc.

What exactly makes you think she lacks self-respect? What exactly makes you think she’s a “hooker”? What exactly makes you think she had “sex with a LOT of dudes”?

You’re making assumptions and are judging a woman based on your own narrow mindedness. Which means you just lined up on douchebag alley — along with all the supposedly douchy guys you read about here.

Were some of the guys weirdos? Probably.

Do we only have to sleep with men we consider “proper relationship material”, men who will say “you are the most beautiful thing god has ever created. Your eyes shine brighter than the stars and I will love you until I shall be no more. No wait, I will love even after that, because I shall be an angel, sent from my poofy cloud in heaven to watch over you. You know, because you will need a good strong man-angel to take care of you. So you don’t sleep around with douchy guys like a whore.” Fuck no, we do not.

When two people have sex, weird things might occur. If you’re lucky, it’s stuff you can laugh about. If you’re not, he might say something stupid that will make you feel weird. Sometimes it’s even a “good guy” that will fuck up. Because these things happen. End of story.