Tobias van Schneider

When risk taking gets a beating by our willingness to suffer

Picturing ones own worst case scenario is definitely helpful and really the only way to overcome fears that hold us back from taking risks. What’s so intimidating about taking risks I believe is usually not the risk itself — trying something new and different and actually being open to the possibility of failure. It’s the fear of losing that safety net of a functioning daily routine that keeps us going through life without allowing us to actually live life.

We have gotten too used to that. Especially when it comes to jobs. I have been stuck with a horrific job for the past two years (I’m a PR Consultant at a big global network agency) and have been wanting to get out for about a year now. I did apply for other jobs half heartedly, but none of them seemed quite right and would have been an improvement. So, naturally, nothing happened on the job front. What’s worse is that although I was incredibly unhappy, I was too afraid to quit. I had gotten so used to getting my paycheck at the end of the month and being able to pay rent, buy food, clothes and go travel that I was willing to suffer through a job that made me miserable. I found my dismissal letter in the mail right before new year’s eve, so things have worked out this time without me having to kick myself in the butt. But thus whole thing really had me thinking about the right perpective on life — a healthy perspective.

I think, moving our personal pain threshold further back has become somewhat of a sport for us in trying times of life. It’s about damn time to leave the field.

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