The Plutocrats Are Pursuing Internet Censorship And They’re Barely Even Hiding It
Caitlin Johnstone

This is ridiculous. It is not the government’s responsibility, nor the responsibility of large internet companies, to “protect us” in this way. We are supposed to be able to think. The solution to this problem is not to limit what opinions we are allowed to see. I don’t care whether the opinion in question is an extreme left view or an extreme right view — freedom of speech means it’s ok to put it out there.

The solution is to find a way to get people to take education and the training of their minds seriously again. It is the responsibility of each individual person to consume information, process/assess it logically and rationally, and arrive at their own unique individual opinion. That’s how the marketplace of ideas is supposed to work.

I don’t know how we accomplish this — I consider my mind to be the greatest gift I’ve been given, and I take seriously its development and training. So many people, though, seem to prefer to spend their time watching football and reality TV.

The sad thing is not that there are people out there trying to peddle misinformation. The sad thing is that we as a population are squandering our ability to recognize such information for what it is and reject it.

My uniform message to all of you who are griping about things like this is to never forget that freedom of information has to go for everyone — those you agree with and those you disagree with. Otherwise you are making yourself part of the same problem. It takes work to avoid instantly wishing to eradicate opinions with which you disagree, but it’s work well work doing if you truly want to claim you believe in freedom.

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