What professional experience really is?

I recently had a chat with a Know it all -type kind of guy in his early thirties. He had very valid and strong argument that past, especially technological, experience does not matter because world, including technologies and habits of people and companies, is changing so fast that past knowledge (=experience) becomes obsolete fast. I very much, but not fully, agreed with him.

I also learned that this guy was not coping very well with rejection. And I think the reason was/is simply lack of experience which was able to see in his general Know it all –attitude. Experience of different kind of situations and people, the only real (professional) experience people can have.

Yeah, world is changing fast making every week something what we have learned obsolete and useless. Most of the new things, are them selling methodologies or technological possibilities, can be learned, if just willing to learn. This willingness is big part of the experience.

Experience is not about the years, how many years been working on certain area or doing this or that. World is changing so those years can be even seen partly “wasted” by today’s needs. Experience is not about the age as people simply cannot be compared by years they have been doing something and how old they are. That’s simply impossible because no job has never been exactly the same (remember, world is changing all the time!) and there’s no identical persons.

What then is experience? I see that only real valuable experience is ability and capability to cope and deal with different kind of changing situations and people. That makes us experienced professionals. Willingness and capability to adapt. Often this is related to the years and age, but not necessarily, because the more there’s years, the more there has been ups and downs, das and nadas, wins and losses. Learnt from those, not even necessarily about the results but situations. That makes and creates experience, not years as numbers.

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