My Experience in Andela Boot Camp

It has been an amazing experience to have get a chance to get into second day of this boot camp. So far, I have been able to learn a lot from the task of the day and from my group members through our slack channel.

Speaking of the soft skills, this boot camp has given me a chance to exercise and improve my teamwork and collaboration skills where I have realized that togetherness is power and nothing is impossible. Adjusting to change hasn’t been easy considering the time limit but with passion and self-sacrifice, I have fully adjust to it.

On problem solving, the boot camp has enabled me to deal with different coding challenges especially on lab activities. Through these problems, I have learned to remain focused and dedicated in order to achieve the objective, something that has boost my conscience and motivation to keep going. The boot camp has also enabled me to critically observe everything that deal with problem arising and be able handle them in a more diverse way.

On conclusion, the Andela boot camp is something that every upcoming software developer would love to participate in. It gives a chance to subjects your skills into test and expand your thinking and also it enables you to learn from there excellent staffs as well the cohort members. I am looking forward to experience more and be part of the team that focuses on achieving day to day objectives

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