Have you ever noticed that in countries where there is high number of women in tech you would…
Sceptical Meerkat

Are we going to pretend you aren’t generalizing in terms of the career intent of the majority of Indian Women? India is huge.

The idea about ‘more women going to school for tech’ in India has more to do with India’s attitude towards women in tech vs America’s attitude towards women in tech. There is a clear, clear difference.

It’s an appreciated field supported and offered to both genders. Tech isn’t a boy’s club in India.

Are you in tech? I gotta ask.

And as far as my experience goes hiring workers from India for a startup, India is a huge place for cheap digital labor i.e freelancer because our dollars equate to a far higher amount than theirs…It’s just the most lucrative option. Digital work that they don’t have to be here for, our money is worth more.

I don’t think it’s a “no where else to go” type of scenario. Especially not when India-based Startups are just starting to blast off. Check out AngelList. That’s THEIR industry — digital marketing, tech, etc. Indian Startups rule th entire employer roster.

Tech industry in India is not less discriminatory then in the USA, it is the opposite, but the rest of India’s professional areas are even worse.

I need a link to this because it just seems like you are appealing to common knowledge, or performing a really, really,really piss-poor argumentum ad populum.


We are talking about hiring practices and female / male gender ratio in tech and how the gap leaves and changes as soon as you leave America.

Which you have moved the goal post away from. To focus on Indian Females and their pressure and lack of opportunities in other careers in India. Which I need a source for and a break-down of the entire gamut of what that entails because I don’t believe anything I read without digging deeper.

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