Remember When Everybody Was Mad At Medium?
Tom Kuegler

For those of us who do not want to put our articles behind a paywall, it’s still an issue. The entire front page is basically just paid articles. While I think it’s absolutely fantastic that writers get paid for their work — no doubt, fantastic — those of us who principally don’t want to paywall our work struggle.

I repost my work on LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Smedian and Zest. Distribution has now been taken almost entirely off-site.

I do not expect people to have to pay to read my personal work, my audience doesn’t expect it either.

So…because this all went down, now people like me have to think about putting stuff behind a paywall. I’m sure I could create a sizable form of income for this, but it’s not going to benefit my readers that come from my largest platform for distribution (LinkedIn).

So…what do?

Do I shift this model now, because a ton of my followers won’t ever see my work against the slew of paid articles?

Do I place responsibility on my readers to now own a paid account when I put my articles up on social media?

I could, I probably should…but does it help them?

I think there needs to be more balance.