Stream of consciousness access from executives to HPEs is a cancer that must be prevented at all costs.
Know the soul of the high-performance employee, then we can build the 10,000 things.
William Belk

Had this issue with a prior employer.. He would tirade for hours. I had no idea about expectations. And he was certainly not skilled in any field he was trying to bust into. And I mean hours. Also flitter into my phone and extend phone conversation for, at the longest time, a total of 5 consecutive, non-stop, hours. I was miserable until the shift to remote work when I could mute the TV and watch it with subtitles while he talked about all the random things he wanted to do, relentlessly. Meetings stretched on for 2,3,4,5,6 hours at a time, and I’d be expected to fulfill the rest of the work day, afterwards, leaving me spare hours to complete some impossible task or set of tasks. It certainly is a cancer. I’d leave the meeting/phone conversation drained, unsure of what I needed to do fully, and before the remote work, got extremely upset because I had literally no respite from the endless talk. But it wasn’t a conversation, it was just being talked “at” not “with”. I was seen as some miracle worker who could never work miracles. It was very depressing. Thank you for this article.

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