Writing: That Old Devil, You
Tim Barrus

Hello Tim. My are you a brave one. Or rather, a raw, or true, or visceral one. To be fair I hadn’t heard of you until I looked you up, and I do not judge you for taking on the masks you did to write the words you needed to. I look on with awe. Death threats, no one deserves that, and what do people think about the youths you teach and the threats on THEIR LIVES versus splaying you across the tabloids and internets for pulling on the wool and speaking as a wolf in written form?

Seems stupid. Plenty of writers have coiled up inside a vessel like a snake. I applaud and support you.

I may be jumping the gun, but your words are really striking, hot-white, underneath the skin. And the wikipedia article doesn’t engender in me hate; in engenders in me envy.

To be such a controversial figure to have so much of a magnetic pull, you have moons in your fucking orbit.

I know there are parts that must be hard, the threats, and the scandals. But man, if you didn’t leave a mark on the world, who did? That’s the powerful thing. Leaving a big mark.

I want to leave a mark so people know I existed.

Thank you for responding. I feel humbled by what you wrote.

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