The so-called Confessional Poets had and still have (will probably always have) their admirers.
Alan Asnen

I always find myself coming back to Nabokov. I feel like all his stories are poems to me, and I remember his perfect words like delicious puzzles I can roll around on my tongue. Their discipline is something I lack, and that’s the cowardice in me, I think. To fully apply myself. I’ve never finished a novel on my own. This is my first attempt. Never edited my work so heavily. Thank you for your response. It gives me courage to keep going.

I also find a lot of contemporary literature challenging as I’m a huge fan of prose. I think we need to expand on the things taught to us and break more rules. The novel ideas, novel wordplay, and literary genius that came in the time before I think is from striking out on a different path.

I think we need to keep cultivating ‘different’. I think maybe that’s what they did. :)

You are very sweet for your response. I’m Greek so that’s a fun comparison.

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