I hear your frustration Kira. =/
Jason Shen

I can understand that, Jason, but my knee-jerk reaction is to call foul when this type of reasoning is presented to me.

It may very well be true, what you are saying. But data tells me otherwise, so I am cautious.

I also spend a lot of time on communities like Reddit, lurking messaging boards, talking to fellow marketers, tech industry people, designers, and the like.

The general consensus of anonymous tech workers, when allowed to say what they will, tends to be women — specifically — don’t know as much as their male counterparts.

I was told on medium, if you want to dig around my post history, on a topic referring to Facebook’s distasteful hiring practices, that women are potentially just worse at coding. And that’s why they aren’t being hired.

This makes me sad and frustrated because it is patently untrue.

I want to give the benefit of the doubt to this hiring manager who may or may not have found the right fit for the job, or perhaps it as a job that women and minorities felt the culture didn’t fit quite right for them, but it’s hard for me to accept that.

If the job doesn’t feel like it’s a good place to work specifically for women and minorities, then that’s a problem.

Not the right fit for the job is also a problem — there are plenty of us out there.

I go back to this study often. Even though it is specifically referring to the sciences. And I touch on this medium article as well.

Then we have the flip-side of that data, and I hate quoting Breitbart, that provides alternative information. Of course I am wary about any of their findings vs a reputable journalistic source, but still.

That medium article I linked to has tons of sources if you would like to check them out.

What I’m saying is — I don’t think this is enough of an answer.

I think the very sentence:

“It’s difficult to find women and minorities to apply through traditional channels.”

Is more likely to be based on some cognitive biases.

And if it’s in a very solidly technical field, like RoR developer for example — why AREN’T there more minorities and women applying? Is it because it’s not a field they pursue?

And if that’s true — which I don’t know that it is or not — WHY aren’t they pursuing those careers or applying?

Is it related to the culture of tech, female and minority capabilities, cultural desires of both demographics, or…what?

I can’t believe that this is an answer that was given because it seems silly to me.

We are here, anonymous hiring manager. You’re just not making the effort — and that’s my honest opinion to the person responding to your call for comments on your article.