I hope no-one infantilizes the women in my life in the way that this article does.
John Furneaux

I didn’t read it that way. I felt like the article was written for women like me who are working at a huge internship off hours, working full time, developing my marketing and writing skills, studying like a bamf, taking courses, working on my art career, writing a novel, recording music, and yes, trying to start my own business all at once. Just so I can get to the position in my life where I’m not doing the job of 6 people, running my own department with no help, and being paid far below industry standard for just even one of the roles I fill.

To feel undervalued at that level is not wholly a female concern. But it happens, has happened, and is happening to me.

No matter how many times I bring it up, it really doesn’t seem to matter. I’m being heard and listened to, but ‘it takes time to change’ is always the answer. Coworkers are sympathetic but there are so many road blocks. I don’t call the shots in my one-woman department because my request for the things I know I need fall before arbitrary hurdles.

Yet I am 100% responsible

It was not a patronizing article, and it certainly didn’t infantilize me. It was an honest article, taken from talking to women about their experiences. If you think that this article infantilized the hypothetical badass female employee, then you think the women who feel this way, and are faced with these challenges, are infantile.

At least, please correct me if I’m wrong, that is how it seems to me. The manager, as far as I know, wasn’t even specified to have a gender in this article. But you inferred male — is it because you know there’s a problem in that area? Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it was referred to — let me know if so.

I back this article 1000% for how it’s detailing the lives of many women in business. I could relate to almost every single point presented.

I felt like I was reading my life story. My current chapter.

So, to be fair: stop supposing you understand how women feel about this issue, and that this article is infantilizing them. It’s arrogant to think you actually know that women would take this article as some dude white-knighting them.

You have absolutely no idea how the key demographic of this article feels. The target audience. And because of this, I am concerned that you have one of us in your ranking, and they are doing the same right now, or thinking the same.

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