You would like it, if you could organise your physicist PC mob to complain to my employer about my…
Sceptical Meerkat

I’m not going to get you fired. I’d rather people get hired than fired. Google did what they needed to, in their best interest, because if he had been kept on staff, Google would’ve looked bad. He started a huge, huge shitstorm. Huge.

You are not important enough to start a shitstorm over, nor have you made any attempt to shitstorm so fiercely that it would look badly on your employer.

You’ve been far, far, far more civil than other trolls I’ve run into in general, and on this site. And because of this, I have literally no desire to stir around in your life at this point.

I do not care who you are. I’m stating the obvious: if you are going to talk down to me and infer I’m talentless and useless, you might want to show your face instead of hiding behind a blank avatar and an internet handle.

The numbers and responses circling around my work allow the work to speak for itself. I don’t want to list off accolades. This is not a pissing contest.

In this day and age one can only express views that PC fascists like you don’t like only when one does not use their name, while you lot virtue signalling and congratulate yourself when successfully preventing people from speaking out.

I’m sorry, I have to ask: do you not think I’m knocking down, or attempting to knock down, the gentle, delicate, dulcet, dysfunctional, destructive hiring practices going on in tech — across the board? Do you not think I’m trying to reorient the screwed up current hiring practices going on in America — en mass? Do you somehow think this is all about PC culture?

Do you somehow think I’m not trying to get this fixed for everyone?

Are you daft?

This is bigger than PC culture, bigger than feminism, bigger than the stupid war of the sexes. This is about getting the right people hired. And about getting hiring mangers and employers to read the resumes, actually read them, and pay appropriate wages…

This isn’t about just you. Why do people like you do this? This is about everyone. And women and minorities are A PART OF THE CONVERSATION.

I also mentioned older people. I cited examples from MALE WORKERS FROM REDDIT.

And all you can focus on is the part that pisses you off the most — because your echo chamber has become some kindof brainwashing chamber.

I can’t even with people like you anymore. When will you grow up?

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