Thank you so much!
Hannah Bower

It is unnerving but to be fair that’s the best part about writing. I’m getting a bit exhausted, myself, doing thought-pieces for marketing or writing guides. It’s draining although it’s rewarding and still very fun.

That’s all about other people, their tools, a benefit to them. But when you write something deeply personal and deeply moving, man, it’s great. Even better when other people like it too.

I write fiction. I’d prefer to write that all day every day. I say; find what you like personally writing about, Hannah, find if you enjoy the ‘unnerving’. If you like the little jabs of fear and excitement you get in your gut when you unfold your heart with your fingers and play the keys, you must write that. Write what molds, moves, shapes, and pursues you. Write what calls within the depths of your gut, write what you dream about.

Write who you are.

That, above all these articles, above all this poke and jab into the marketing fold’s upper eyelid, above all the groundwork, the tools, the SEO strategy — that, is what makes the heart sing. That is when words turn to gold.

Never be unnerved by being present and authentic. It’s a beautiful thing, Hannah.