Our Epistemic Responsibility to the Truth
Joshua Hehe

Thank you for this. This is a great article, and thanks for following me. I 100% agree. I’m also oddly amused by joey’s response to this article. Something is either real or fake, factual or not. The amazing thing is when some things are true BUT or fake IF and the ideas/beliefs/opinions can exist in a gray area. Or they are just a lot bigger/more complicated/nuanced than just a simple yes/no statement or true/false.

Knowledge is moral, education is moral. Ignorance, willfully, in my humble opinion, is amoral.

Cruelty always — by it’s definition — ignorant to the feelings or plight of others. Morality is always knowledgeable of these things because it takes them into consideration.

Religious dogma has no place in discussions of morality. But spirituality can be there, surely.

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