I’ve had a very different experience.

Thank you for this other experience. Everyone has different experiences, and your’s is no less vital than my own — we both have two sides to this story and together we can help illuminate a problem.

I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. I really wish I was in a better position to recruit, or perhaps I could go down that path someday in a fuller, more dedicated way. As of now I’m trying to fill some random roles for people — most want remote work.

As do I, as I am in a similar position — my state is not great for the tech industry. It’s not that tech really ever left, it was just never here to begin with. I’d have to go back to Boston, and, to quote a great man “The rent is too goddamn high!”.

I have never fallen upon an HR manager, hiring team, or internal recruiter that has given me the time of day. I guess that’s where our paths diverge. The only ones to actively reach out and try have been independent, or recruiting firms.

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