Hi Kira,
Natasha Kurien

Thank you so much for responding, Natasha. I’m happy you found a kinship in my words and your words remind me of my own struggles, thoughts, and feelings.

We’re a force of nature- a union of beings who choose to use written words to channelize feelings, thoughts, and emotions as opposed to the rest of the world that probably chooses spoken words to do the same.

I also sing, paint, dance, and do spoken word. I’m so exhausted with communicating my inner universe with people who simply won’t understand.

Maybe we bury ourselves when the world overwhelms us, but that in no way means that we stay there. We fight back nevertheless emerging stronger than ever.

Writers truly are amazing, aren’t they? Creatives, amazing. Simultaneously insecure and prideful all at once. “This giant is huge. I’m just small and have a slingshot….I’m going to take him down.”


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