Appreciate you putting in some thought with me here.
Leho Kraav

Thanks for your timely response. I appreciate that you took the time to talk with me on this. I think ultimately it is really complex, and those of a younger demographic may look on this and see that they can optimize their life, like you said.

Yes, it was in relation to burn-out. Overachievers and type-a personalities (I have first hand experience in this) are on all four burners all at once. Sometimes we need to learn to take a thing out of the fire and let it cool for a bit. Easier said than done for some of us. So it is good you touch on that in your reply — to work smarter. But sometimes corporate culture specifically, and yes startup culture as well, want you to work harder…not smarter.

And smarter is seen with resistance in some companies. Not all. But some, and I’d dare say, many.

If you find a way to optimize and automate your tasks and then spend the day doing professional research or growth, some employers will look upon that as you being lazy. Except you’ve figured out an answer to something that many have not, within the company. Again, speaking from experience.

If we are NOT to arrive early and leave late because we can create wealth for our employer by being quick, efficient, and respecting our work-life balance, then I’m not sure…I think there are merits on all sides, but I would like to think an employee who is a rockstar gets a bit of leeway and is able to work on learning new skills. Work-life balance is important.

Mentors. Mentors are incredibly important. I haven’t had very many, and as of such, it’s been an odd, hard, long set of lessons. I hope to be a mentor to some people some day, as my degree is in teaching oddly enough not marketing, so that it can be easier to support those who don’t have my wisdom yet.

I’m not wise, far from it, but mentorship — man. That’s really important. Someday I’ll know more than many, and still know less than many. But if knowing more can help someone who doesn’t know as much in certain areas, that’s really fulfilling, and helpful, I think.

Thanks for your response, again. My response is pretty anecdotal, and for that I apologize.

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