Sorry, but I was thinking you might want to know of one or two contemporaries who do just that in…
Alan Asnen

Thanks friend. Your prior response was really insightful and I definitely have problems with detaching from my characters. At the same time, the responses I have gotten from readers who know me, don’t know me that well, have read my work, and have never read it was they really enjoyed the characters. They could relate and they felt like real, flesh and blood people, with their own motivations. I’m not sure I can quite yet remove myself as much as I’d like, and leave ambiguity. I’ll be able to reply more later, but thanks for the examples of literary inspirations to read from.

I just have a neglected Memnoch sitting on my desk and a bunch of older Russian lit. Some Toni Morrison but that’s about it, to be fair. I’m a painter, a singer, a marketing manager, and a teacher. Never studied literature. Never took classes outside of high school and basic college courses. Tested out of nearly all of my harder practices though.

I just like writing. I’m not the best, but, I do enjoy it.


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