Well, THAT was easily found… It was right there!
Alan Asnen

Thanks! That’s super kind of you :)

Yeah, just backtrack. I’ll try to get the links for you later. I want to redo chapter one but yeah. I’ll get them to you.

I’m happy you like the ideas / story / characters even with just two chapters! Means a lot to me, totally. And scifi is the best, obviously haha. Horror a close second, and then fantasy.

I know I’m not the best writer, technically, but that’ll come after it’s all done and I have someone proof it for me.

The stories are here. That’s the most important part. That you can feel them. I like that line too! It was hard to articulate how to phrase the leaves around them…

I get really busy sometimes and lose my ‘words’ so to speak. They fly away and I’m at a loss for how to say something. I would benefit from reading more books, haha…

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