Thank you for your comment.
Anna Sabino

This is true. Everything you responded with. And there is, indeed, a market for reaching out to readers and helping them pursue their dreams — of course. It will most definitely be lucrative for you and you are most definitely passionate about it. The thing I disagreed with was the intent of drawing a line in the sand for ‘for the reader’ and ‘for yourself’ which any written piece is ultimately for both. Also, ‘writing purists’.

So I drew a line in the sand for art, or for literature as art, more specifically.

Art may be subjective, but an article for example, on how to be more productive, a list of the top 10 traits of millionaires, etc, is not art. It’s self-help content marketing.

I think we can agree on that. As a content marketer, they are both very, very, very different forms of expression.

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