Kira Leigh

Photo by Tyler van der Hoeven on Unsplash

Dauntless like sleep is dauntless
A frenetic thing, a live wire, a sieve
Cold black space, white hot stars
Prickle my palms

Elastic like the brain is elastic
A fragile thing, a live wire, a sieve
Heart of hearts, Mind of minds
Sing my syllables

Restless like rebirth is restless
A compulsive thing, every shot in every dark
Cold blue unknowing, warm red words

It is To Make



This is so silly. As a trans person who is in plenty of trans spaces, most of us don't care if people use neo-pronouns and respect them accordingly. The ones that do tend to be transmedicalists and they believe in exclusionary rhetoric, which isn't good.

The easy answer is that it's just not worth getting upset about (and/or upset enough to write an article like this lmao), especially since neo-pronouns don't actually hurt anybody, and they make the person using them happy.

There are a lot less people "trolling with neo-pronouns" than you think. People who use them are mostly autistic people, namely autistic kids, who have a different relationship to gender than neurotypicals. But because you're not trans and likely don't talk to people in our communities, you wouldn't know that.

Leave the trans discussions to trans people. lol