How To Make Money On YouTube?

Kira Fedorov
Feb 3 · 3 min read

If you are planning to make money on YouTube you should know you are accessing a 2 billion active logged-in monthly users market.

If you check the stats a stunning 96% of Americans aged 18–24 use the YouTube every day. Plenty of people are already working on YouTube and generating handsome revenue.

Promote And Sell Your Products On YouTube

YouTube is owned by Google, and people use it nowadays for all kind of searches, just like on Facebook. Your YouTube video can rank fast on Google if it is trending and informative, while it can take years for a new website or blog. Reason is YouTube itself has a big website authority and all it’s videos are considered as pages.

Therefore, you can also look at this platform for marketing purposes. If you have your own service or product you can promote it on YouTube and make money. You can watermark your videos with your website logo, or place link in the description box turning viewers into subscribers and customers.

If you don’t have your own product you can still benefit from the Affiliate Marketing. You earn a commission by recommending the product or service to others. Almost every commercial website noways has an affiliate program, but there is also a big number of affiliate networks you can join for free. I started as an affiliate marketer due fact it requires almost zero investment and later on produces a sweet passive income.

Run short video ads using Google Adwords

Advertisements are the easiest yet a common way to promote your video. By using a YouTube ads you can have your video appear in searches for your targeted keywords. Or to be shown to users while they are watching some other video related to your niche, these are called “in stream” or “bumper ads”.

You can also pay the agency or a website to promote your video and do this work for you in order to acquire more views which are crucial for YouTube in order to show it to more users in it’s search results and “related videos” section.

Climbing into search results (on both YouTube and Google) is called the “video ranking”. While “buying YouTube views” is a term used when you are paying a third party in order to increase your video’s view count. You don’t in fact “buy YouTube views” but pay for your YouTube video promotion which is usually made across the network of websites related to your niche (external views as shown in YouTube analytics), or using the YouTube ads (Adwords) itself (which is usually pricier but more effective due superb audience targeting possibilities - shown as internal views)

Become a YouTube Personality

YouTube personalities are generating amazing revenue. According to Forbes a 7-year old Ryan earned over $22 million in revenue in 2018 with his Ryan ToysReview channel. If you are passionate about your interests and have some great ideas to share you will start attracting subscribers.

You have probably noticed that both YouTube and Google love “How-to” videos. Providing good information to it’s users along with the entertainment is what YouTube is all about. It’s also a reason people prefer watching videos instead of reading pages of text.

Once you have created your fan base you can easily turn your followers into customers as you have the credibility and authority to influence their spending decisions.

Work consistently on your ideas and get more exposure to your content. Your hard work can easily help you to become the next YouTube star.

Get Sponsorship

If you already have a good number of YouTube subscribers and videos on your channel there are a lot of businesses who are offering sponsorship for direct advertisements.

The best thing about this is you can keep the entire revenue. There is no need to share your income with any third-party. Contact the companies and tell them why they should prefer you (information about your audience, traffic, goals) and get a chance to earn.

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