Don’t study in school, network with colleagues instead

I will tell you about my unfortunate story. Why would you read that? Well, if you’re very young you could learn something important about life and if you’re adult like me you can see that other people fell for “study and you’ll be rich later in life”.

While I was a little girl, older and wiser people told me to study hard. Just to focus on school and grades. That supposed to bring me prosperity later in life.

Fast forward 20 years and here is that “prosperity”: I live in friable, very small rented apartment with another person (my girlfriend) who works for minimal pay. We struggle from one month to another. We don’t have any luxury in life, we don’t have a decent life. I have finished college but still unemployed. Everyday I see incompetent people working and living decently while I just survive.

Why is that? My conclusion is that they have influential friends. They formed friendships while I was studying. Now, when I send CV and application letter some CEO is choosing between person whom he either know or have some recommendation for and me — a no name, some random person. Who do you think he or she will choose? Certainly not me.

I live in a country where competence is not a main reason for employment, personal connections are. As you can see there is no chance for me to thrive in this society.

I didn’t have youth, now I don’t have the future. I feel like my life is wasted. As my depression goes further, there is even less chance to make a better life.

I like development, and I want to be an iOS developer. I need decent computer for that. I can’t buy it. See how simple thing stops a person from making better life? And nobody wants to hear me or help. I tried it, believe me. When you’re poor nobody gives you any attention.

I can only keep watching how other people make great things in life while I sit in the dark and cry.

To anyone with similar life — I’m sorry they told you lies, like they told me. We can only hope miracle will happen and that is not enough to keep waking up every morning.