Elevator pitch

My name is Kiran Khalid.I have a future goal of getting a respectable position ,fast growing career and an opportunity to have a world tour to represent my country as an ambassador of Pakistan by applying my knowledge and experience in this field. That’s why I think AON reinsurance company is the best platform through which i could be able to fulfill my all dreams and goals.I am very passionate to bring change and awareness among peoples of Pakistan regarding insurance and its importance with your help and support. I have just completed my BBA with the major in insurance and risk management from Hailey College of Banking and Finance, University of Punjab.

I had a project in the subject of Insurance Marketing in which I had to promote the insurance industry in Pakistan by launching a new insurance product which has never been introduced in the insurance industry of Pakistan. So I came with the idea of “Insuring the Library Books” and it was highly appreciated. I Also have done my final year project on “how different perceptions of people about insurance concept can be changed”. I have completed my internship in EFU insurance company as well where i have learned skills like team work, brainstorming and multi tasking. I am extreme passionate to work with you as this is the best platform to achieve my goals and dreams and by working together as a team we can bring a positive change in our society.

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