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Kiran Kowda
Aug 28, 2019 · 2 min read

Call Only Campaign in Google Ads

Easily create, manage and optimize call only campaigns in Google Ads using AdNabu.

Call Only Campaign in Google Ads
Call Only Campaign in Google Ads
Call Only Campaign in Google Ads

Call Only Ads

Call only ads are a special type of ad appearing in google search. instead of directing users to a landing page, call-only ads to take them to the dial pad urging to make a phone call. These ads are similar to text ads in every way except the destination after a click happens. They are triggered by keywords and only appear in google search results. Although some advertisers mix text and call-only ads in the same campaign, it is much more ideal to separate the campaigns into text-only and call-only ads. More often than not, Calls are much more valuable to businesses than clicks to a landing page.

Best Suited for Leads

Call only ads are ideal for businesses who run lead generation campaigns. Ideal advertisers can include lawyers, locksmiths, roadside assistance, educational institutions, and service providers. Call-only ads can do wonders for advertisers who want calls to come directly to them and who seek out users in urgent need of their service. A huge reason why advertisers are ready to pay a premium to call-only ads is because of that fact that it removes the friction of signing up or leaving contact details. The relevance of call-only ads to lead generation companies is very similar to how shopping or pla ads work for e-commerce. Call-only ads to have near hundred percent conversion ratio as almost all clicks convert into customer inquiries.

Call Only Campaign Best Practices

AdNabu creates perfect call-only campaigns for advertisers. Campaigns created through AdNabu follow all the best practices for call-only campaigns and creates single keyword ad groups. Calls made from different searches might have varied conversion ratios and AdNabu understands this and allows you to have highly targeted bids on every single keyword. AdNabu’s focus on long-tail keywords also helps in getting calls which are highly relevant but easy to miss. Conversions from calls can be measured and optimized using AdNabu’s bid optimization software.

Source: Call Only Campaign in Google Ads -AdNabu

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