principles of TQM in real life

hello! i am Kiran Hussain, studying in my last semester of BBA in supply chain, i have studied TQM in my last semester and i realized that before studying TQM i was not living a quality life, I didn’t know how to live a quality life but after studying TQM and it’s principles and after implementing those principles in my real life i have feel the difference and i have seen the positive results of TQM in my life.
BEFORE: before TQM all my activities were puzzled and with no scheduling which results in failure or disappointments, example if i need to work on a case study so for what i used to do was i just use to read it thoroughly and plot a summary with out focusing the core concept.
AFTER: but after understanding this principle of process centered what i do now for solving case study is first i read it twice then i brain storm all the important points which can help me solving it, the i write a summary and conclusion for better understanding after doing all the research of the case study the i start solving the questions and i can write the best solutions for case studies now.
BEFORE: i always use to believe in present and i never use to plan on long term basis which i realized is not a good approach for quality life. what am i doing now and what will be it’s result in future, we should this all.
AFTER: but now i know the importance of strategic and systematic approach so now i make all my decisions and actions on the basis on strategic approach. 
BEFORE: i was very lazy and never believe in learning new things, i was always afraid of coming out of my comfort zone and working, i never worked on continual improvement because improvements bring change in your life so i was afraid of that.
AFTER: but then i realized that i should come over this fear of change and should come out of my comfort zone and should work for continual improvement so what i did was that i welcomed change in my life and i improved myself in number of areas like my communication, i learned new things about finance and marketing as well.
BEFORE: i was emotional sort of a person so most of my decisions were made on emotional basis, i never consider fact based decision making and because of this i have made wrong decisions and i have suffered because of it
AFTER: After realizing this i worked in my decision making criteria and came up with conclusion that i should consider fact based decision making. i should consider all the aspects before making any decision and it ends all the confusion and make your work easier and faster and after this approach i have felt the difference now making decision is so much easier. 
BEFORE: i was not good at communication, i had faced a lot of difficulties because of my communication skills, i have loose marks, my reputation etc because of these communication barriers and i never worked on it because i always had “ i don’t care” sort of attitude but deep down inside somewhere there was a thing which said “yes i do care and i want to overcome this barrier”
AFTER: but now when i have understood this need of quality life so i have worked on my communication and on my confidence and i am improving and still working on it and feeling so good about it.
 this is how i have implemented the principles of TQM in my real life and i am still working on it so i can live the best quality life.