Kiran Kumari
Nov 12 · 2 min read

Marketing Funnel

It is funnel which represents the journey of the customer from starting of awareness to conversion. Then further way or road map to keep those customers loyal or to make advocate of your product or brand.

1. Approach

It is initial stage of the funnel where customers will get aware about the product or services. Basically this work is done by business development team in the company. Their work is to connect the new customers through e-mail, messages, social media, Telemarketing, cookies, search queries.

2. Acquisition

After approach when we will get leads. Leads also have different stages like cold, hot, warm. Cold represent least interested people, hot represent more interested people. Then hot lead will convert into opportunity after that customer conversion or failure to convert.

Through different methods we can acquire new customers like referral marketing, affiliate marketing, samples, offers, cashback's etc.

3. Development

At this stage our customers qualified the sales. After sales we have to keep engage the acquired customers. Like TV serial shows once person started seeing serial or show. After that serial coordinator will give more turn and twist in the serial. So he can keep the audience engaged with that show. In the same way when customer bought one product. We have engage the customer so he/ she can stay for longtime with your product or company. For that we can use upselling and cross selling.

4. Retention

Its stage where customer is about to churn the service. At this point we have to understand the customer transaction pattern. If it is decreasing, then we have to find out the reason. By observing their feedback about the services, complaints, reviews. If its looks like customer is not satisfied we can ask for the feedback or suggestions. Which will helps in product or service improvement. Another method to retain the customers giving special offers. So they will feel special among the all common customers.

5. Loyalty

These category of customer who are continuously loyal towards your product. They will become brand advocate for your product advertisement. For keeping loyal customer longer period. Companies will use different types of methods like platinum customer, Ambassador’s ,100 points for purchase of more than 1000 rupees, gamefication etc.