There has been a lot of press lately about the batchoverflow bug and how it allowed someone to send themselves a bazillion trillion tokens. I know there is an exact number, but does it really matter? Earlier, a group of researchers from Singapore and the UK analyzed almost one million ethereum contracts and concluded that over 34,000 ethereum smart contracts representing $4.4 million ETH may be in danger of locking, leaking, or being killed.

All of this points to one important concept — making software provably bug-free. In case you came here lured by the title, hoping to find the magic technique of writing provably bug-free software, let me give you the real, absolute bad news in all this and get it out of the way: it is impossible to prove (in a rigorous, scientific, mathematical way) that any software is 100% bug free. …


Kiran Garimella

Chief Scientist & CTO @ KoreConX, ex-GE CIO, Chief Architect, VP, author (3 books), data analytics, blockchain, AI, machine learning (Ph.D.)

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