What happens when you let the kids wander around in their fantasy world? You get art!. A clay pack was given and was left to himself to do whatever pleases his imagination. The result was “Basava”. A series of cloth like clay covers on an animal toy. Samu modifies all the toys! He tunes it to his imagination. He tunes it to what he like to see in them. He tunes to add more life to his stories. He likes to share his stories, talk to us and add more excitement to his creations. He likes it when we say its so cool, or we add a story to it like it looks a Yak or anything. These conversations inspire him to make more.

May be thats the role of society and art. You just need to support artistes spirit. (Without thinking anything in return). Artistes need appreciation to power their imaginative spirits. By this they can show us magical world. They can help us question our perspectives, imagine alternate realities, enjoy hyper real stories, help us to appreciate imagination and greater capacities of our being.

When you see an artiste next time, simply appreciate his spirit, if he is too intellectual, simply ignore :-), If he is too ideological chill out with him by buying him a coffee, if he is too sensitive then you better show some affection, if he is a genius then see if its is possible to support him in his work.

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