Purvi sat on one of her sisters lap, listening to her uncle sing. As all the elders relished the happy moments under “Neralu”( My grandfathers house), which deserved this happy moment from a very long time. While the elders screamed “Wah, Wah”, Purvi went around in the warmth of the people picking things that mattered to her. This is the place where i grew up. Where i ran my heart out, with my brothers, playing endlessly. This is the place where i learnt to concentrate on the ball that came towards me while playing cricket or to plan the next move in a chess againt my beloved brother Sumant. This is the very place where we played hide and seek, and a million other inventions. I remember loving my grandfathers challenges in maths, my aunts stories, my grandmothers food.

This is the place where relatives gathered and we wanted to listen to all the curious stories of our elders, like what happened in their life that day!. I remember one of my uncles who worked in a railway department, how he managed to help someone inspite of official constraints!. Or my aunt who worked in the bank, explained how the bank works. My favorite was my uncle who worked in Income Tax. He would come and tell us stories of Raids, on how their department went to a nearby town and raided gold hidden in the roofs, walls, and the floors!. How can i forget my aunt who still works in the telecom department narrated how she works connecting people on the phone. These stories were fascinating for sure.

This was the place where the songs were discussed, movies were debated, new gamplays were invented and great amount of love was gathered. This was the place where the best jokes were created spontaneously. The best were from my uncles who saw life in their own funny terms. We believed them and even today we humor so many events influenced by them. They were young then and not married, they made us laugh the whole of evenings. They still hold on to their talents even today.

Purvi was drowned in a place of million stories. I hope, she could gather all these mystical past in a very thin way. I wanted her to be here just roam around and feel the kind of magic this place can produce.

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