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Remote working or work from home is now more than a trend. It has now become the first choice of companies around the globe to save themselves from going bankrupt. Not showing to slow down anytime soon, Coronavirus has made many companies nonfunctional. On the other hand, some companies have found a backdoor to tackle COVID-19 and that is — remote working.

Those who have never worked remotely are also working from home now. But, managing a remote team is never an easy task. Those who have experience in managing the remote teams also might find it hard to manage a remote team in stressful situations. …

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The Coronavirus has mostly stopped the economy, and the situation increasingly looks bleak. Despite the stimulus packages in various countries, businesses — primarily those dependent on tourists — are folding up rapidly.

So, is there any business that has managed to escape the clutches of the pandemic? It turns out — yes, some have managed to cope with the situation and those few industries are doing extremely well.

10 Businesses That are Flourishing During the Pandemic

Almost all businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19, negatively, or positively. …

Although people use the proverb — “don’t judge a book by its cover” so often, they are always attracted to visually fascinating objects and products rather than emphasizing on the functionalities. Web contents today are more visual-centric than ever. More than 84% of the communication has been visual since 2018 as per the research.

There are web designers who are constantly pushing their creativity beyond the limit to create aesthetically satisfying websites and web pages, but they forget that websites are also built for search engines as well.

But will visually awesome websites help you to brand yourself in the digital world and help you prosper well in your business as well? No. A big no. Only by creating a visually astounding website won’t help you to stand on the podium in this digital era. Then what’s the point of creating a visually attractive website when it barely gets a view or a couple? …

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The development teams are the main pillars that support any IT company to build a strong foundation. They are the ones behind the success of any IT company giving their best day and night.

But, managing the development teams can be difficult for any organization either be it an established company or a small company. The development team should be managed effectively in such a way that they give their best and coordinate with team members.

Ways to Manage Your Development Team

To manage a development team, you need to create a good working environment. So, here are 9 essential tips to manage your development team.

Define Process and Methodology

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Process is a way of doing work, a flow of doing the work in the right way. It is a well-set series of actions to achieve any business goals and objectives. …

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In this fast-paced and competitive world, everybody is struggling one way or the other. Some are struggling to get a job, some are struggling to get admission in prestigious universities, schools, etc., some are struggling even to fulfill their basic needs, and so on. We can hear and see different struggle stories. And even we ourselves are struggling for something.

No matter where we are or what we do, struggle is part of our life. We sometimes go through a difficult phase where work piles up and feel like this is too much and feel like quitting, take a long break. Everybody likes to take a long break from the hustle and bustle of the work. …

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Google SEO Tools

In this article, I have prepared a list of free SEO tools developed by Google that everyone must use. I have also provided links to every tool.

The great part is that these tools are absolutely free.

So, let’s dive into it right away.

Keyword Research Tools

Content is King. Yeah, you heard that right. You need to create killer content if you want to rank higher on search engines. High quality and unique content impact SEO tremendously. So, the content has become the very first choice of digital marketers.

But, you need to create content around keywords. Because keywords are the bridge between the users and your content. Search engines never display your content until and unless your content matches the keywords the users are searching on search engines. So, keywords are very important if you want to increase the visibility of your content and rank higher on search engines. …

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You have a great business idea. However, are you 100 percent sure it will work?

42% of startups fail because they offer products or services that the market doesn’t need.

Many entrepreneurs and experts have different sayings on the downfall of a startup. And one of the main reasons that startups fail is due to not validating the business idea. So, it’s important to test whether your business idea will work in the market. Otherwise, you might find yourself in 42 percent of the startup failure rate.

So, let’s start the journey to know about the idea validation in detail.

What is Idea Validation?

Idea validation is a process of testing whether a business idea is feasible and is needed in the market or not. …

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Pricing is one of the important factors that make any business move forward. Even if your product is awesome, users won’t feel like buying it unless the value is appropriate for them. So, you need to keep your pricing right.

Likewise, pricing affects every business’s revenues. Talking about the pricing, every SaaS company is different and has different pricing strategies. They use different pricing models that are best for them. So, what are the different pricing models used by SaaS companies?

Tiered Pricing Model

The tiered pricing model is one of the most used pricing models by SaaS companies. In this model, pricing is basically categorized into different packages. …

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The main goal of any business is to satisfy their customers. To do this, the business needs to understand its customers’ needs and problems. Then only you can build the product focusing on core features that customers will accept.

You don’t need to build the product including every listed feature. You should focus only on important features to include in the initial version of the product. More is not always the better option. In this case, less is a better option to go out with.

You should go for a minimum viable product (MVP) focusing on only enough features that will satisfy your customers before developing the final product. …

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Startup Meeting

90% of the startup fails — says Small Biz Trends based on research.

Each year thousands and thousands of startups pop-up in the market. Some of them succeed whereas some of them fail. They start their business and want to be like Mark Zuckerberg and create a billion-dollar company. Easier said than done.

As stated earlier, over 90% of the startups fail. Such startups fail because either they are doing it wrong or committing various mistakes as the journey of their startup begins. …


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