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Remote working or work from home is now more than a trend. It has now become the first choice of companies around the globe to save themselves from going bankrupt. Not showing to slow down anytime soon, Coronavirus has made many companies nonfunctional. On the other hand, some companies have found a backdoor to tackle COVID-19 and that is — remote working.

Those who have never worked remotely are also working from home now. But, managing a remote team is never an easy task. …

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The Coronavirus has mostly stopped the economy, and the situation increasingly looks bleak. Despite the stimulus packages in various countries, businesses — primarily those dependent on tourists — are folding up rapidly.

So, is there any business that has managed to escape the clutches of the pandemic? It turns out — yes, some have managed to cope with the situation and those few industries are doing extremely well.

10 Businesses That are Flourishing During the Pandemic

Almost all businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19, negatively, or positively. …

Although people use the proverb — “don’t judge a book by its cover” so often, they are always attracted to visually fascinating objects and products rather than emphasizing on the functionalities. Web contents today are more visual-centric than ever. More than 84% of the communication has been visual since 2018 as per the research.

There are web designers who are constantly pushing their creativity beyond the limit to create aesthetically satisfying websites and web pages, but they forget that websites are also built for search engines as well.

But will visually awesome websites help you to brand yourself in the digital world and help you prosper well in your business as well? No. A big no. Only by creating a visually astounding website won’t help you to stand on the podium in this digital era. Then what’s the point of creating a visually attractive website when it barely gets a view or a couple? …


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