Life is one thing, but the source of life is another. In every creature, in every plant, in every seed, this source of life is at work.

What exactly that I am talking about?

Its all where the creation began, as I said earlier, this universe or cosmos is created from one energy which manifested itself into different forms to involve in the process of creation in which we are living. But the point is the energy as far we known is only limited as we can only feel them or can analyze them in our metric tangible proportions. The universe has a lot more to experience that just feel it. we humans are created in order to pursue something to the end, through our body become limited because it only manifested according to its requirements. Its evolution, its a fixed instinctive that we evolved based on natural selection.

But some form of energy, which is more subtle and more proficient created the whole life on earth. and if there another it also should be created by this subtle energies. The creation happened according to science, this creation began from a single explosion, which created this vast universe, but the point is there are some unknown energies and mystery which evolving into something again unknown, How can I say ? we will know shortly.

The body created by cosmos energy from which everything began. Those energies some are subtle energies which are manifested in our body in the beginning of cosmos, which are more powerful than the measured energies

Those are CHAKRAS, which are another source of life. There is a great deal of chakra talk nowadays. “chakra” means “ wheel”, and has a very specific meaning and significance in the yoga system. There are seventy-two thousand nadis, through which this form of energies flow. The nadis do not have a physical manifestation. if you cut open a body and look inside, you will not find them. But as you become more aware, you will notice the energy is not moving at random but in established pathways.

like the nadis, the chakras are of a subtle nature and do not have a physical existence. They always meet in the form of a triangle.

There are 114 chakras in the body. Two are outside the body and 112 are within the body. Among these 112, there are 7 major chakras. For most people, 3 of there are active, the remaining are either dormant or mildly active.

What exactly is the role of chakras within our body and creation? and where are they located?

There are seven fundamental chakras, the muladhara, which is located at the perineum, the space between the anal outlet genital organ, swadhishthana, which is just above the genital organ, manipuraka, which is three fourths of an inch below the navel, anahata, which is below the point where the rib cage meets the diaphragm, vishuddhi, which is at the pit of the throat, agna, which is between the eyebrows, and the sahasrara, also known as the brahmarandra, which is at the fontanel on the top of the head.

The chakras are the seven different dimensions through your energies find expression. This chakras are just different levels of intensity. we will discuss in depth about chakras in further topics.

Now the question arises, what are this energies and from where it evolved?

See, the basis of life is wonderful, but our perspective and limited knowledge we are unable to think and pursue outside our knowledge we gathered eventually. When the creation began, there were higher probabilities of more subtle energies which transmitted or manifested into different channels to elevate that particular energy. This different channels need to imbibe is sequence of tangible beings to manifest there energy into ONE! When big bang happened, the single energy became dual. Through which the world of chaos and illusion created along side with the tangible creation which we look at. This duality then created different forms of energy like chakras.

This energies, as the nature of energy want to combine together and transform into one, but as something in the body and law of creation not giving them enough power to combine. And that is KARMA. The way of life. We will get into that in further topics.

Due to which, the energy channels were together placed in a certain alignment in the tangible form. but for that channels to unite one should perform a conscious movements in the body. But due to physical evolution, the need for spiritual energy transferred to need for physical requirement. This can only aligned by proper conscious movements of body called YOGA.

How can this energies which are subtle in nature, can be experience?

This are the energies which cannot be felt but can consciously experience. This can be felt through which the whole the cosmos works, VIBRATION. Vibration is the way universe works, everything you ever see is just a vibration, this can be very clearly explained in modern day science STRING THEORY.

String theory states that the whole atom we see is just a Vibration. The atoms are made up of electrons are neutrons, and if we zoom in the nuclei, there are protons and neutrons and if we still zoom in the protons and neutrons, they are tiny, string like vibrating filaments. In each electrons, there is a different string, in each protons, a different string, in each quarks, a different string. This vibrating, string like filaments are the energy source of the atoms and what ever the life we experience. That is every life and non-life is just a vibration which by constantly vibrating emitting energy which was being attaining certain energetical consciousness, through which it transforming into tangible existence.

So how does this chakras and vibrations are connected?

The chakras are vibrating energy which really exists without any tangible form like atoms are molecules. But those are essential source for the physical existence. They are not physical existence, but those are the source of something beyond physical existence. They are present, to bring something more superconscious and higher level existence.

This concept of vibrations and life are very complex and existential reality, so in the further concept will be explained more clearly in further blogs.





This blog is all about to vial the reality to beyond our vision, the reality and connections between cosmos and humans is enormous

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This blog is all about to vial the reality to beyond our vision, the reality and connections between cosmos and humans is enormous