Apparent Reality and Technology

Imagine a lump of mud. It can be modelled into any shape for example a mud pot, jar or cup.

These shapes are referred to as apparent reality, the absolute reality being all composed of mud. Technology is what makes the models from mud pots to jet planes.

Similarly all advances in technology are built upon the apparent reality of existence. This what great sages like Shankaracharya refer to as ‘Maya’or Illusion.

Anything that has a name and form or what is referred to as ‘Namarupa’ is ‘Maya’ or illussion, i.e mud pots come out of mud and resolve back to mud as time passes.

Further the technology advances the more we are deluded to believe the Name — Form is for ‘Real’ and not ‘Illussion’.

What we refer to as our own individual ego also has Name — Form and essentially is illussion as all our bodies composed of earth and it gets born and dies etc.

So unless we know what makes the lump of mud there is no absolute gain in studying the apparent models built up by technology.

Unfortunately all educational system that originated in west to power the industrial revolution had only interests in apparent reality.

There is an immediate need for overhauling these educational systems and bring back ancient vedic knowledge of east back in sunshine so future generations do not suffer on ignorance.

It would only be sheer ignorance to place technology ahead of everything more important.

This indeed is a matter of deep concern.