The Froth I am

I look at the waves on the sea,
Waves that brought the universe,
Ripples that brought my mother earth,
The froth that I am,
How short lived yet how big a struggle,
I take a deep sigh, eyes soaked in tears

My masters say it is all my Karma,
I was once one celled, now a billion
once a bird, once an animal,
Stuck in this discontinuity.

I had family in my past lives,
I hope I gave them all I could, 
yet my ignorance brought me here.

I juggle too many balls this life,
that not let me take my eyes off,
Them imaginary but them mightant.

Chains of ignorance that bind me,
I pray for knowledge,
I pray for light, 
from devotion alone I will transcend.

Seeking solution amid struggles of change,
I am reminded there is no solution,
but dissolution in changeless unity

I seek to break my barriers
of intellect and reasoning,
they have held me captive for long

Will sure know once and forever,
the unchangeable unity that I am.
For every life is a pilgrimage,
there exists just one destination.

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