Fear of the First Time Writer

This piece of thought is dedicated to those who waited too long to take writing seriously. I know it is scary to publish your writing. You bare your thoughts along side your soul for the mass to consume.

We know the usual fear of not being good enough, of being vulnerable and letting people have the power to judge your writing (and you as a person) cripple you to start that first blog, that first published poem or book.


I took the plunge into the rabbit hole with this article. You should too.

Many articles discuss comprehensively how to fight the fear or how to minimize it or to cage it. However, very little explains how to own it as a writer.

Here’s the thing. That fear means you comprehend fully the gravity to be a writer. It is not just scribbling your thoughts away in electronic ink. You have consequences.

First is the consequence to yourself — you might look stupid, ignorant or just be a plain arsehole of the universe. Count also the possible criticisms and insults that might grace your comment sections. Stealing away your pride and confidence.

Second is the consequence to your readers, in the worst case scenario, your readers might get toxic ideas from your caustic writing. Not to mention your fear of wasting time and not getting any money out of it.

Thus, own that fear.

The fear becomes the lighthouse. It acts as a provision of visible warning against your arrogance and shallow research in writing. Listen to it. It prevents you to be reckless in writing.

At best, it functions as a mirror, as well. Your fear reveals your deeper insecurities. It reflects you and things that you invest in your writing.

For me, my fear is to be judged as I am aware that no perspective is one hundred percent true. Hence, I always imagine that one day someone smarter than me will find those hideous flaws in my writing and throw it to my face. Now, I understand that I put my writing as the representation of my intelligence.

At the end, I use my fear to prepare myself for the worst possible outcome that I am afraid of. I try to tame down and rationalize that insecurity. It does not mean that my fear disappears, but now I am the owner not the server. I can use it to my advantage.

May be some other people are afraid that their writing are not popular or well-liked since it means they put their personality and unique touch into it. Or you are afraid that fantasy piece you have been working on is just plain mainstream. It means you put your identity and talent of imagination into it. You are also afraid that your writing does not connect with the readers as you put your passion to communicate with people into it.

And that’s okay. That’s great. That’s you. Now, you understand what you want with your writing. Do you want it to be smart or provocative? Or may be imaginative or bold? All of those things are okay. However, you only know it if you meet your fear face to face.

Own it.

Sometimes, your fear becomes paralytic. It prevents you to even start. I suggest you look into those fears and do not neglect it completely. It might help you to decide what kind of writer you want to be and which values you want to share. So, sit down and gather your thoughts. What is it that you fear that stops you to write? Why so?