Illustration: Kingsley Nebechi


Diego loved his strawberry-blond tapered Afro. In the 16-year-old boy’s hometown in Brazil, the hairstyle is referred to as a “Black power” (pronounced “Blackee power”), named for the political movement that made it popular. For Diego, it was a badge of Blackness that he wore with pride. …

Photo: Get Your Booty to the Poll

Last month, the bare backside of a voluptuous Black woman popped up in my Facebook feed. Wearing a white G-string and stilettos, she sauntered up a small staircase toward a stripper pole. My eyes couldn’t turn away, as cutaway shots of other lithe women began to play in rapid succession…

Preta Ferreira. Photo: Rodrigo Zaim.

WWhen esteemed activist Angela Davis arrived in São Paulo, Brazil, in October to promote the Portuguese translation of her autobiography, she had one request — to meet Janice Ferreira da Silva, known as “Preta” (Black woman) Ferreira. Preta, 35, a housing rights activist and musician, had just been released after…


Journalist based in Rio de Janeiro. Coisa de Preto is a newsletter on Afro-Brazilian news, activism, culture, history & music.

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