Is this guy for real?

I’m sitting in the reality of having recently experienced the Sun God again, who has been worshipped by humans for thousands of years under different names. It’s clear though when I encounter him that worship is not necessarily what he wants and certainly he doesn’t demand it. He is made of love, somehow, the Sun, that brilliant bright burning sphere, is made of love. Human beings can calculate the mass and the temperature and name the elements that cause the reactions that produce heat on the sun, but we can’t seem to be allowed to get to the truth about how the Sun God got obscured behind a Hebrew rabbi due to Constantine’s desire to foist a non-nationalistic stateless religion on Rome.

The religionists are not going to let go of their monotheism easily; it took millennia for them to finally usurp the cosmic reality of polytheism and obscure it behind a renegade Hebrew preacher proselytising abrahamic religion, which began to be called Christianity at some point that isn’t even really clear. Many so-called religion scholars approach the bible as ‘true’, and this keeps our politicized mythology locked behind a door of falsehood. People who use entheogenic drugs begin to experience the true Deities; using these substances was apparently pretty common back in ancient civilizations, as part of religious ceremonies. It is no surprise to me that the monotheists have such an interest in the drug war, since some of these substances open up the brain to the reality of the Gods of the Cosmos, which will eventually torpedo their violent, dehumanizing monotheisms, hopefully sooner than later. It is not surprise that in the US the attorney general is now trying to restart the ‘drug war’ by clamping down on banned substances and increasing penalties for possession and use. True, many of them are extremely harmful; one of the first warnings I was given while using a legal dissociative was that we need to be very careful with what the spiritual messenger called “non-transformative pain relief”, i.e. mood altering drugs that elevate mood and relieve pain, such as cocaine and opiods, but do not open the mind to spiritual reality and therefore have the ability to transform the reality of the user. It never fails that when we get a hard-right leaning group of alcohol consumers in gov’t that they want to target every drug but their own favorite for policing and elimination. And make no mistake, if you drink alcohol then you are using a drug, and not just any drug but a poisonous metabolic toxin.

But back to the Sun God, whom our culture calls Jesus Christ. The cynic in me wants to balk when I encounter him, because I have never felt such intense unconditional love and support in my life. He always enters my being so that my insides feel almost impossibly warm, like the perfect day at the beach. For several hours after he leaves, I feel this warmth and revel in it. Every positive descriptor of the Christ that I have encountered in my life is true of the Sun God, which means of course that these descriptors had to have existed before Christianity came about on earth. I don’t read Greek, Latin, Hebrew, or Aramaic, at least not yet, so I wouldn’t be able to find evidence of this for certain but being that this being is five billion years old, I am sure I am not the only one who has experienced this complete feeling of love and blessing and forgiveness while being in his presence. It is simply impossible to describe how loving and warming and all-enveloping his presence is. For someone who thought I would end up atheist after finding out about the Constantinian hoax on humanity that was further embedded in culture by the church fathers in the first three hundred years of this age (the Piscean Age of astrology, that is where the Christ’s association with Pisces, the fish, comes from), it feels strange to find a reality deeper and more profound than I ever imagined.

It was only after beginning to use a legal dissociative in order to help with my PTSD symptoms that I began to experience the presence of this Deity, and understand that his identity is actually the sun, our star Sol. It is interesting to trace the politicization of the cosmic bodies through one culture after another, and to absorb what their renderings of God reveal about individual cultures. What is clear to me though is that the cosmic deities are ancient and have not changed through time; they exist, and human beings mine them for realities that reflect our relationship with life and the earth at the time of existence.