Today’s To Do List…

In Case Tomorrow Never Comes

Like many music fans around the world, I was taken aback by the news that Scott Weiland (from Stone Temple Pilots) had passed away. Although I like STP, I was not a raving fan. But it’s always sad to see any talented artist pass away before their time.

It also struck me that the “gone too soon” stars used to be much older than me. Now, not so much. As I see my age climb closer to theirs, it occurs to me that life can be fleeting. Cliche, maybe. But true, nonetheless.

So this morning, as I contemplated the finite reality of my life, I thought “What would I do today if I knew this was it?” So I created my to do list for today…just in case tomorrow never comes.

  1. Tell my wife I love her. Really. Not just in passing…really tell her.
  2. Tell my kids I love them.
  3. Let my team at Hasseman Marketing know how much I appreciate their work.
  4. Call (not email) at least one client to thank them for their support.
  5. Do at least one thing that “matters.” (Who knows? Maybe this is it for you).
  6. Give a sincere compliment to someone that needs it.
  7. Be a good friend to someone who needs it.
  8. Laugh.
  9. Make someone laugh.
  10. Text Mom and Dad…and tell them thanks.
  11. Help someone else grow.
  12. Leave a legacy that help my kids strive for more.

It’s not an exciting list. It doesn’t include jetting around the country, or sailing the world on a boat. But who has time for all that if it ends today?

That’s my to do list for today. And hopefully…that will be my list tomorrow as well.

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