Thailand checks illegal immigrants and is accused of racial discrimination for “excessive attention” to blacks

Agence France-Presse reported on the 21st that Thailand is stepping up efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, but it is considered to be racist because of its policy of “excessive attention” to blacks.

Due to excessively loose border management and immigration enforcement in the past, Thailand has become a center for illegal immigrants and even transnational crimes. In order to change this situation, the Thai authorities began implementing an operation bottines minelli codenamed “Clearing illegal immigrants with X-rays” last year. In recent weeks, they have intensified their efforts to arrest more than 1,000 people, most of whom are illegal after the visa expires. Detainee.

Although many of the illegal immigrants came from neighboring countries in Thailand, the Thai police admitted that they would focus on targeting foreign blacks in the search, which are basically from poor countries in Africa. Thai officials said they “mostly come from Nigeria and Uganda.” The police are fighting them. An eram bottines official of Human Rights Watch said that Thailand’s “expulsion of immigrants” is racist, especially South Asians and Africans, and is specifically targeted. The Thai government officials denied this statement. They said that they only deported the bad guys and did not treat them differently. (Hu Hao)