Dear Mr. Trump: Here Are Some “Bad Hombres” You Can Kick Out Of The US
Ellie Guzman

That's it let it out baby. I know you are afraid of the mean monsters under your bed. If you ever turned on the light you would see it is all in your head. Let me shine some light on your irrational fears.

No one is going to deport American citizens. It’s against the Constitution. (that thems the rules) This is one of the main reasons not to grant citizenship to people all willy nilly based on their needs, desires, or ability to avoid capture.

Even if these people you complain about are pieces of sh** as you say, there is no law that will punish people based on what you think of them. (Thanks be to aw mighty gawd in heaven) Contrary to current popular belief, a mob is not a democratic institution. So sorry social media fury blinded, knee jerking, haters.

Let me try to inject something into that hermetically sealed open mind of yours.

Politicians have said for more than 30 years that the immigration system is broken and have in the past even allowed people here illegally to become citizens with the promise of fixing it. As with most things politicians promise fixing it never happened. In fact Democrats and Republicans alike even refused to talk about reform that did not let illegal immigrants obtain citizenship. Many Americans believe this to be a way to influence elections and have actually been told this indirectly by people stating that our demographics are changing and we can do nothing about it. Talk about racial based micro aggressions.

Well Donald Trump said bullsh**. Even though he has never been a “Lawmaker” and therefore not responsible for the immigration law, he would enforce it. Obama, Clinton, and almost every other “Lawmaker” knew about the people's opposition to amnesty but just thought they could drag any response out till nothing could be done about it.

I would like to thank you, Hillary, and most of all Barack Obama, along with all the other leftists moonbats, for reminding us 1000 times a day of what you thought of us by claiming how despicable, ignorant, uneducated, xenophobic, anti-semitic and RACIST! anyone who disagreed with you were.

People are realizing that leftists demonize opponents using any type of accusation they can think of (including piece of sh**) weather it has any basis in fact or not. It is all about how you feel about it. Anti-semitic Jews, hate filled Christians, race betraying minorities, homophobic gays, your booogee men can look like anything. The only thing they have in common is they scare you.

I will close by telling you what a wise man once told me.

If I can’t trust you, I don’t really give a damn what you say.