Plays Him like a Fiddle

Yellow Journalism Shower

This is just my opinion.

Dear leftist fantasy writers. I know what you dream about, you have been dreaming aloud for years. The real world however has changed. The right has listened and learned.

We know exactly what you want and what horrid things you will do to get it. You have wholeheartedly supported an cadre of mammoth incompetence whose only real skill in life is in convincing people they should give more power to the almighty central government which benefits themselves.

You have lauded your fervent desire for all to come together while dividing us into superficial hermetic groups and then using the skills of a cock fighter to constantly pit us against each other.

How have you done this?

You have used our own best traits against us, cleverly knowing just where to place the knife.

We believe in Christ — so we are accused of being cruel and ignorant (and probably racist)

We have compassion for the poor — so you say we are greedy (and racist)

We are patriotic — then we must be xenophobic (and racist)

We believe in the law and fairness — then we are bullies (and racist)

We want to support families — so then use sexism (and racism)

We love nature — so we are polluters and climate change deniers (and somehow racist)

We honor traditions — of course close minded (and you guessed it)

In almost any argument you can club us with the accusation of racism/inherent racism/white privilege or bigotry amazingly even if we are not white. Trump was actually accused of being a racist for courting the black vote.

If all these things you say were true, then why do you know it will effect us so much.

It is like a teenager screaming his parents don’t love him if they don’t let them go to a party.

We have tolerated your insults like adults and accepted your out of bounds arguments as hyperbole, and tried to see the world through your eyes. We have not fought it when rules are changed by processes we never agreed to. We have changed our behavior at an ever increasing rate to placate those of you who yell the loudest. Yet your screaming keeps getting louder.

Leftest will use any argument that will forward their agenda. How many times I have heard how new position A will certainly never lead to the obvious position B only to find upon reaching B that there is now nothing wrong with B and nothing I can do about it anyway because we should be at C.

Well you have been very good at arguing. While we have been busy living, working, loving and going about our average days your ideas have been force feed into the ever growing management office of the country, and have made a complete bloody stool mess of it.

I hold all this to be self evident.

I have and could again show proof of all I have said but that’s no longer the point. It is now up to the grown ups to fix this crap. This is like that kitchen table meeting you had with your folks the morning after you wreaked the family car.

We are done arguing. We know you don’t like, will never like Trump or us and we are OK with that. Your shortsighted zeal has helped give a true businessman and all the power he will need to right the ship. Thank you for that.

What you should know is that just like your dumb ass parents, who know nothing, Trump is smarter and more disciplined than you will ever give him credit for. Perception is NOT reality. Trump supporters (I was a relatively late conversion) are not going to give up on fixing America and abandon him easily, and certainly not because of what the left and MSM think of him. We have already decided he is the best man we have for the job and we know the backlash he will get. You have been backlashing sooo long now you seem to be getting weary.

We are on to you now and due to pure necessity have a whole new way of dealing with your ridiculousness. You want to talk about golden showers, fine. We are not yellow snowflakes though.

You say I am a racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic, anti Semitic, Nazi? I can deal with that. In fact I may host a Trump Golden Shower party on inauguration day where we wrap ourselves in American flags, turn cold beer into hot piss and symbolically drown freedom’s enemies in the Yellow river.

So stock up on poster board and honey tea, your going to be doing a lot of protesting.

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