NH Trump campaign worker fired for posting anti-Muslim posts or for a possible sex scandal?

Sid Bowdidge, Department of Energy, possible Rick Perry set-up?

By Kirby Sommers

March 12, 2017

If the hiring and swift firing of Sid Bowdidge, 60, a massage therapist who began working at the Department of Energy is an indicator that one’s tweets can be construed as grounds for dismissal: think again.

Among the people at Trump’s New Hampshire Trump campaign office in 2015 was Bowdidge. From an NBC News report in August of that year:

Sid Bowdidge, 59, a massage therapist from Bedford, was also at the debate watch party to join in cheering for Trump. “He’s a guy who gets it done. He’s all about getting it done. He’s been successful. This country needs to be run more like a business and he absolutely knows how to run a business.”

Enough has been said about the fact that Bowdidge had absolutely no experience for the role he was to play within the administration. The integrity of federal institutions, stewardship of tax-payer funded programs, and no expertise to oversee or coordinate a multi-million dollar office were all questions that many saw as an issue.

But something is missing here and I did some poking around. Here is what I discovered.

Bowdidge appears to have regularly advertised his “Full Body Massage” services in Backpage. Screenshot of one of his ads dated November 1, 2015 appears above.

The ad reads: “Bedford two minutes off 101 W. 58 y.o. body builder offering FULL body firm Swedish massage. Very good with my hands. Offering 60, 90 or 120 massage at your place or mine. Performed at my very clean and neat studio office in my home on a massage table to soothing music. Draping offered. Two minutes off Route 101W. I will travel within 30 miles of Bedford. Very polite, nice guy, easy going, easy to talk with, SAFE AND SANE. Satisfaction guaranteed. You won’t be disappointed. Schedule is 9am to 5pm weekdays. 10am to 5pm Saturdays by schedule only. Please try to schedule ahead for all appointments. Thank you, Sid.

In the sex for sale industry the words “Full Body” “SAFE AND SANE” “Satisfaction guaranteed” are code words for sex.

Sid Bowdidge in his Full Body Massage ad on Backpage

Backpage has been under fire since 2012 for its adult service section promoting prostitution and editing ads to conceal the illegality of criminal activity. The website stopped their adult ads in mid-January as a result of probes by two state attorneys general and the U.S. Senate.

In mid December, then President elect Donald Trump tapped former Governor of Texas, Rick Perry to head up the U.S. Department of Energy.

Rumors that Perry is gay go back to the 1980s and it appears there is a court transcript in the Texas Court of Appeals that contains sworn testimony that former Waco Rep. Lane Denton had an affair with Perry.

Lane Denton (Photo courtesy of the Legislative Reference Library).

As a news junkie I don’t buy the “twitter” argument as grounds for dismissal. I don’t know the reason Donald Trump gave a position to a seemingly gay or bi massage “therapist” by installing him into the office of his once political rival Rick Perry.

In my view, Trump’s appointment of Perry to head the Department of Energy — one Perry claimed during his first presidential run in 2011 that he wanted to eliminate — and one Perry couldn’t even remember the name of during one of the debates appears to be a twisted joke.

Could Bowdidge have been another of Trump’s twisted jokes gone awry?


2017 Copyright Kirby Sommers