When your clients are super smart

When I started LandlordLinks.Net and my AptStar Program about 10 years ago, it never dawned on me that my clients — nearly every one of them — would be the super smart top performers in New York City.

And while I was offering a way for people to bypass broker fees at a time when the words “no fee” were never uttered by landlords (or management companies) — I surely didn’t have the most sophisticated platform to sell either service online.

Despite having a horribly designed and frankly embarrassing website for many years these super smart people plunged right in and either purchased Landlord Links or obtained my help via my AptStar Program.

The feedback was overwhelming and continues non-stop to this day.

During the past 10 years I have collected hundreds of wonderfully written reviews and surprisingly– my super smart clients also gave me the most amazing tips.

Almost all of these incredible people made a contribution to my on-going success.

Everything from: “Hey, here’s an analysis of your business model,” from the VP of a top global investment bank to: “Change the color scheme of your website,” from the founder of a phenomenal start-up.

Finding an apartment at a good price without paying a broker fee seems like a simple premise. It really isn’t and no two people ever have the same story. What makes my clients similar is the way they think. They are the over achievers that every parent is proud of.

I am proud of them.

Recently I spent a lot of time thinking about what made my connection to my clients different. I have had other businesses — but this time, it’s just different. The bond is stronger. And then I realized that I always give them a direct connection to me.

I give them advice no broker or landlord will ever offer.

I do more than just find them a great apartment and save them money — I watch out for them. I care for them.

My clients become my friends on day one. They are the reason I get up in a good mood every single day. I work with people who have remarkable personal qualities and achievements and who have the highest IQs.

I am privileged to have collaborated with top notch people — each interaction has made a difference in my life. I want to thank my clients for the privilege of working with you and for the reciprocity of learning new skills.


2016–2017 Copyright Kirby Sommers

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