You are paying more to rent a “no fee” apartment through a broker, so don’t use one.

Think about it for a second. If a person earns their living based on a percentage of what the rental deal generates, their interest is in getting the deal done, no matter what.


Rental real estate agents and brokers don’t work on your behalf. They don’t really even work for landlords. They work for themselves and are motivated to close every deal at the highest possible monthly rental amount. 
 Regardless of what they tell you, their interest is in getting the deal done with commission fees in their pocket. No matter how nice the person seems, that person’s best interest is in himself or herself. Not you. Wake up and see this.
 I don’t want to bash brokers — everyone needs to make a living — but when it comes to whether or not someone is actually helping you — I think renters need to know the dirty truth.
 For example: do you know that “no fee” landlords and management companies pay brokers one month of your rent money as their commission for walking you into their building? Meaning that in reality you are paying an inflated rent. More money than the apartment is worth. For the whole year. And if you stay in that apartment for the second year, your rent increase in based on the initial inflated rent, so that you pay a *second* broker’s fee the second year. And so on.

Get wise. Save money. That is why I created http://LandlordLinks.Net — to help the rental consumer.

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